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After much deliberation, I decided to post these illustrations here in DA, not that anyone's interested. I'm just waiting for the right moment to uhh, I dunno.

I enjoyed this project so much! I even spent a weekend with my friends, Jason (commission him!) and Manny… in Manny's house doing the contest entries. It was fun specially when you have awesome and very talented friends as your competition. After a week or so, we had the entries printed out and submitted to the Adarna House. The next thing we did was prepare our portfolios for Ang I.n.K. which is the most exciting children's illustrators organization in the country. I do hope to get accepted with my friends! I've never wanted to join any group as badly as I did when I joined U.P. LUNAROCK I REALLY HOPE I GET ACCEPTED. I don't know how I could stress it enough. I've been itching to meet those talented people involved in the local children's illustration industry.

Well, the agenda for now is to wait for the outcome of my application to Ang I.n.K. and to develop some new and improved stuff worthy of posting here. Since nobody wants to commission me, I have more time for personal works... so watch out!

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March 5, 2012


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